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CFG Capital   is an independent professional financial firm. Our commitment is to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals.  A key part of our financial practice is the term “independent”. This means we are not required to encourage certain financial products that favor a home office but encourage those products that meet the needs of our clients.  CFG clears our business through National Securities Corporation a 70-year-old company that caters to independent firms like CFG.  Combining the freedom of true independence with the platform and support of a full-service brokerage firm.

CFG nurtures independents in all aspects of financial planning.  Mr. Cline has developed and environment by building a $6,000 Executive Suites to create a one stop shop for all your financial needs.  In this environment there are choices of other services separate and not affiliated with CFG.  We have estate planning attorneys, CPA, Health Insurance, Real Estate and more to come.  With this facility we have plenty of room for client events and workshops.

Since we are independent, we only work for our client’s best interests.  Client investments are diversified and held with each individual investment entity chosen.  CFG is your consulting conduit to those individual investments. 

Your education of what can be possible is the first step to understanding how you set your own financial goal.  The goal is then followed closely by mapping out your individual plan to achieve it.

Our education process is your key to success.  I have been continually perfecting these steps over the last 20 years.  Clients understand what they can see much better than what they hear.  Over the years my custom visuals explain investment concepts and associated investment plans that are easy to understand.

Once we map out a plan, implement it, then the next step is to closely monitor it.  We use software made available for every CFG client.  This software is called E-Money.  This software enables you to see all your financial asset values in one place and to know your total net worth at any time.

Don’t forget, in any well-planned trip there is always a chance of a hurricane or an unexpected event. Either of these could wipe out everything all at once or take you off course.  This is why you need someone to help you to navigate through the insurance, financial, legal, and tax tools available to protect and preserve your hard-earned capital that you have acquired or still need to acquire.  Although CFG does not advise on any tax or legal matters, they do work with you and various CPA's and Attorney's to ensure that you are informed to make your best choices.

CFG has many clients who have unique specific financial objectives.  If you don’t have someone working with you to develop your plan then it’s time to call and request a no cost, no obligation review of your finances.